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June 2019

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Karate Grading's
Grading will start from: Mon 8th - Sat 13th July at each respective venue. Can all students ensure that they prepare fully to ensure upsets are kept to a minim. Everyone should be know what is expected, syllabus is on our website.

Pregrade Karate Course
July 7th at King Charles School, Comberton Road, Kidderminster. 10.00am - 12.00 This is for all students whether they are grading or not. Bring Karate Licences.

Contact Us
Please Could we make a effort please to contact instructors if you are unable to attend your regular class even if it's just a simple text or email as early as possible. Lesson plans are disrupted if a Sensei is planning on spending time with an individual or group who are then absent. More planning can then go to the students who are in class.

Children's Safety Policy

Safety and well being of children is paramount and therefore can we be reminded that children should not be dropped off and left before the lesson before the instructor arrives. Ensure we have current contact details, and be contactable the whilst your child is with us. Ensure you know the correct time classes finish in order to pick up your child.

Summer Holidays
We break up for summer, however we do keep a class going on Weds each week for all karate members and Boxercise classes.

Karate Training
Please be aware that in order to progress properly within martial arts time and effort needs to be spent practicing. To be able to meet the standard needed as set out in our syllabus each student should be training regularly and learning in their own time revising from the YGK syllabus. From around Green belt training twice a week is recommended to continue to grade regularly.

Karate Sparring Kit
To be able to develop appropriately from Green Belt it is expected that all YGK students have their own full YGK sparring kit. Please be aware for safety only YGK kit maybe worn and can be brought at trade price via your instructor to include; Head Guard, Foot Protectors and Gloves. Groin guards and chest protectors are optional.

BoJitsu (Bo Staff Weapon)
For Black belt students who are training regularly within YGK only. Tues. evenings at Birchen Coppice School Kidderminster 9.00pm I'm teaching Traditional Bo. This weapon training enhances karate and is seen as an extension to your already learnt drills and techniques. Looking forward to having another section in this year's YGK charity competition showing off our Bo students with Bo Kata. If any other black belt students wish to join the already popular class, please let me know so you can start asap.

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"Together Everybody Achieves More"

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan