Back To Training

Back To Training

Finally light at the end of the tunnel, we are starting back Covid safe training face to face from April 17th.
There is a booking in system on our website along with a brand new weekly timetable including Family Beginners Karate, Family Advanced Karate, Adults Only Class, Squad Training, Weapons & Boxercise fitness class.
Please feel free to start booking your classes now so I can judge numbers.

Grading in July  (Including double if ready) students up to & including Orange belt.
Higher grades will have the opportunity later in the year when we can fully practice everything that is in our syllabus endorsed by the British Martial Arts and Boxing Association.

Young Gloves Needs You!  More than ever, it is very much up to US ALL to rebuild our club to the position it was Pre-Covid.
Class success depends on numbers attending.   Ultimately the quieter classes will be vulnerable of closing,  so I really need you all to offer as much support as possible to keep the timetable a success.
Support can be offered by simply attending regular classes, sharing posts and adverts on social media, spreading the word, handing leaflets out to friends & family, putting posters in
car windows/office notice boards etc.  Any other ideas really appreciated.
We all agree that what the club have achieved over the last 20 years has been remarkable & want to carry on this good work for personal success & benefit of our community.
Please get involved as much as possible. 

Act as a mentor  I’m inviting all higher grades to attend the beginners & act as mentors.
Younger newer students will relate to others of a similar age & gain confidence though them.
This will be a huge benefit to new students as well as the more experienced, getting an opportunity to develop team building and leadership skills.

Women’s Self Defence  In light of what has been in the news recently there will be a
“Women’s Self Defence” class with our very own Samantha Thomas conducting the session.
Everyone will be welcome to this event, keep an eye on facebook, news etc.

1st aid course for children  An opportunity for children to attend a quality basic 1st aid course covering life saving skills such as CRP, Recovery Position and De-fibs.
This will be offered to all Young Gloves members. (TBA)

Running for Joel  Samantha & I are running the length of the country virtually in aid of “Smile for Joel”.   This charity supports families who have been affected by murder such Sarah Everard which has shocked us all recently.
If anyone can spare any pennies you can donate via our website

Online Quiz  Always a good event, I invite everyone, friends & family to join us Sat 20th March 7.00-8.00pm .  Online family general knowledge 50 question quiz using zoom and 1 other device.
Joining is really easy and details can be got from our website.
Looking forward to seeing you all there and if the Hayes family can be toppled of 1st place lol.

Lastly,  Thanks to everyone support, I’m really confident that together the club will strive forward & proudly reach great heights once again.
I have some really exciting things to bring into the club & I’m keen to get back to seeing all my fellow club members, building more friends, developing confidence, competitions, gradings, self defence skills, charity events  etc.
I couldn’t do this without your support &I feel privileged to be part of such an amazing club.
Our Club – Our Success!

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan
Tel 07786 696559