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Welcome Back Everyone
    Firstly welcome back to Young Gloves new students and old, hope you all had a great summer and that you are as keen as me to get your teeth back into training again and getting involved in all the exciting events that planned over the next few months.

Restrictions Lifted.
    We can now go back to hoe things were pre-covid with students welcome at anytime without having to register prior to the session.
Adults are still very welcome to join training in any class convient to you.
I am asking for booking though for both the self defence and 1st aid courses as they will be very popular and have limited spaces.  Bookings can be done via our website under “Future Events”

Self Defence Course 26th Sept 12.00-14.00   Hosted by WMP Personal Trainer and Young Gloves Instructor Samantha Thomas giving extensive knowledge and Personal Protection skills to 13 and over.   This is not limited to club members, family and friends are more than welcome, and I really feel it will be a great benefit to all, especially highlighting the fact that a female CAN defend themselves given the right physical and mental skills and experience.  The cost is £10 per person in aid of Smile For Joel.

Basic 1st Aid Course 10th Oct 12.00 -14.00   This will give such valuable life saving skills to 10 years olds and over.   I can’t over etherise the value of these skills, A  must for everyone to attend.
Again this is not limited to Young Gloves members, and if children are attending they need to be accompanied by an adult.  Cost is £10 in aid of Smile for Joel.

Karate Grading Mon 8 Nov – Sat 14th Nov Now that the whole of the Young Gloves Syllabus can be practised we have the opportunity to grade all members of the club to their next rank is they can demonstrate the desired requirements.

Interclub karate competition 28th Nov   Back by popular demand is our very own karate competition where everyone is invited to come together to show their amazing skills together.

Etiquette  Now that we are back to normal can I remind everyone of the correct etiquette expected with Young Gloves;
Please arrive on time, but if late please perform the bows at the side of the dojo before waiting to be invited to join the class.
No jewellery is permitted with the exception of wedding rings  (New earrings put plasters over)
Nails need to be kept clean and at a safe length
A karate instructor is known to all students as “Sensei”
Bad language is not permitted within the dojo
Please always bring your sparring equipment to every lesson

We are looking for more students, so please spread the good word and keep supporting our club to continue making it the fantastic successful club was and with your help will be again.

Many thanks as always
Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan
Tel 07786 696559