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Martial Arts’ Roadmap Out Of Lockdown (England)

It’s been a miserable winter for martial arts across the UK following another round of national lockdowns but it looks as if, finally, we have what should prove to be a start to the return of martial arts ‘as we know it’.

What’s Just Been Announced?
Boris Johnson has announced a schedule for easing lockdown restrictions in England over the coming months, provided the ‘4 key tests’ surrounding infection rates, hospitalisation rates, vaccination progress and variants doesn’t alter the current trajectory. This marks the opportunity to finally begin a tentative plan toward returning your club to normality in the weeks and months ahead.

The rules below apply only to registered martial art clubs with official qualified instructors.

29th March 2021 – Organised Outdoor Martial Arts Permitted (Adults & Children)
All being well, from 29th March 2021 organised outdoor sport will be permitted for both adults and children. This would include martial arts provided proper and full social distancing is enforced based on the prior definition issued by Government on organised sports. Crucially, there will be no limits to the numbers permitted within outdoor classes.

12th April 2021 – Indoor Gyms & Leisure Centres Re-Open
At least 5 weeks after Step 1 and no earlier than 12th April, indoor leisure (including gyms) will be open for use individually or within household groups. Gyms will only be able to accept individual training – so group sessions and classes will not be allowed.
There is an exception for under 18’s, which we understand will likely mean children’s classes can resume indoors from this date.

17th May 2021 – Indoor Martial Arts Resumes
At least 5 weeks after Step 2 and no earlier than 17th May, organised indoor adult sport can resume. The Government have defined this as Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes. Social distancing and further COVID-Control measures will remain vital at this stage as people transition to indoor sport once again.

21st June 2021 – Full Contact Sparring & Grappling Return
At least 5 weeks after Step 3 and no earlier than 21st June, the Government plan to remove legal limits on social contact. This COULD signal a return to full contact martial arts in every form as social distancing is largely removed. Sparring, grappling, pad-work, close-contact supervision, floor work and all other elements of combat training which have been so desperately missed should be given the green light to return provided proper assurances can be given.

Put Simply 
For Young Gloves I’m taking this as a massive positive with clear guidance from our association of how things are panning out.
I’ll be keeping everyone updated as things progress, but as it stands now I plan;

  • Start of April An outdoor training get together, social distanced for all members (TBA)
  • From 12th April Under 18’s return to face to face classes socially distance training. (As before current lockdown, booking on website)
  • Squad Training (Under 18’s) From 12th April
  • From 17th May Adult and Children family classes’ karate and Boxercise Socially Distance Training.
  • 21st June  return to normal training for all
  • July Grading (Below Orange Belt)

From this date things will hopefully be back to normal with Young Gloves, restarting competitions, courses, grading’s, charity events and social activities.

For The Future
I think we can all agree that life has been tough since Covid hit the world, but now there is a light.  I’m really proud of how everyone has pulled together and will come through this crisis.
To get us back on our feet I’m going to need help and support from everyone, this includes training regularly and sharing the word about what an incredible club we are via all news and social media outlets as well as word and mouth.
Recommendations are how most people become members of our club and if we are to continue to develop and make a difference not only to yourselves but people around us, we all need to play a part in helping our club rise to the levels it once was.

We need to recruit as more students to get back to where we once was pre-covid.
My ultimate aim is to get the club back on track being even more successful than ever, but I can only do it with your support.  Please help in recruiting members!
Many clubs have sadly closed due to lockdown, this is something that we desperately need to avoid, so please keep supporting and playing your part to keep our club active and moving into the future.

Online Zoom Classes
Running each Mon and Weds for all members until the start of the face to face classes in April, details can be found on our website.

Many thanks for everyone’s support so far and ongoing patience in this difficult time. We are all together and as always YGK will shine again soon.
Together as one family 🙂

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th dan
Tel 07786 696559

Wyre Forest Sports Club Of The Year 2019
Hero of Worcestershire 2018
Kidderminster Shuttle Sports Person 2015
Worcester Local Hero 2015