Club Rules

Rules - Children's Karate Kidderminster

Clean, ironed karate suits should be worn at all times, untidy scruffy suits will nor be permitted.

Unruly, rude or over aggressive behavior will not be tolerated, any student behaving in this manner will be asked to leave the dojo.

In the interest of safety, sparring kits comprising of gloves, shin and foot guards and gum shields must be worn when sparring or practicing sparring techniques.

A registered sparring kit is required from Orange belt (7th Kyu) with headguards compulsory for under 16s.

A valid British Boxing & Martial Arts Association Karate licence must be held by all students

Jewellery must be removed before the lesson.

Earrings that have just been pierced may be worn with a plaster over the top for a 6-week period only.

Arrive on time and wait quietly.

Keep your uniform clean and tidy.

Do not eat, drink or use bad language in the Dojo.

Keep fingernails and toe nails short.

Follow instructions and advice.

Try and improve yourself with every lesson.

Show respect for your instructors and others you train with.

Bow when you enter and leave the Dojo, doing so quietly and behaving appropriately.

Do not talk when your instructor is teaching.

Whilst resting or awaiting for a lesson to start sit on the edge of the dojo with legs crossed.

Do not use your karate skills to harm others outside of the Dojo.

You must never bully anyone physically or verbally.