Exit Strategy & Covid Policy

Coronavirus – Updated 23 September 2020

This update follows yesterday’s Government announcements

Team sports played indoors will be restricted to the rule of six. This does NOT apply to martial arts, but to sports such as football, volleyball etc.All organised activities for children will continue to be exempt from the rule of six.

Going to the gym, fitness, and exercise classes (including martial arts) will still be allowed to continue for over six people, so long as there is no interaction or mingling between activities.

Outdoor sports and activities formally arranged and under Covid-19 and government approved guidance can continue

Young Gloves have undertaken a Covid awareness course under the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association and have produced an Exit Strategy & Covid Policy.

Please click the link below to view the whole policy so that you are fully aware of what we need from each member to continue to train with us.

This policy is also on our website on the booking class page.