Grading Procedure

Karate Dojo Kidderminster

What Happens at a grading If the student is successful in passing their grading? They will be awarded their belts the following lesson, the licence and certificate will be returned up to two weeks later.

Parents are not allowed to watch the grading but are very much encouraged to celebrate successes at the end presentation

Failing a Grading

If a student “isn’t ready yet” for a grading they will be re-entered for the next grading 12 weeks later at no extra cost. This does not apply to Black Belt gradings the student will have to pay the full amount again. Students are expected to learn the techniques that are needed for the grading they are taking. children are not graded on Katas until they take their 7th Kyu (Orange Belt).

Marking System

Students are marked out of 10 for each section of their grading which may consist of the following, depending on the grade they are taking.
Age, Attendance, Basics, Combinations, Kicks, Punches, Blocks, Japanese, Pad work, Sparring and Katas make up what is required.

Students must achieve a mark of 5 or above for each section to pass their grading, an overall mark of 7 would achieve a merit, 8 or over a distinction. The licence will be stamped at their appropriate grade and the student will receive a Pass, Merit or Distinction award alongside certificate and belt.

Grading Weeks

Gradings are held in March, June, and November. The weeks in between may vary because of school holidays.
There is always a pre-grading before which students should make every effort to attend.

Is my child ready for the grading?

This question is frequently asked to instructors, if the club instructor feels that the student has a good chance of passing the grading then the student will be entered. The instructors must be trusted to make the right decision on this matter, it is then up to the student to make sure that they practice in their own time. Students are advised to attend regular appropriate classes, pre-grade course, and revise their syllabus to ensure successful gradings.

Students and parents can ask their club instructor if they are not sure about anything at any time and they will be very glad to help.