June 2023 Newsletter

Newsletter June 2023

Hi all, there hasn’t been a newsletter for a while and so I thought I’d best inform everyone of any new things coming up
Gradings  Starting the week beginning 10 June 2023 – Sat 15th June at your respected karate venue.
Please be totally ready for your grade and aware of what will be asked of you.   All relevant techniques required are on the syllabus available on our website.
From Yellow belt all students require to know Japanese unless there is a reasonable adjustment strategy in place.  Next grading will be in Nov.

Pre-grade course 8th July Birchen Coppice School Kidderminster . This is an opportunity for ALL students whether grading or not to come together and practice just what is required for their own grade.  The session is split up as below to ensure each student learns as much as possible.  – Please bring your licence to this event.
9.00am – 10.00am Beginners (White – Orange)
10.00am – 11.00am Intermediate (Green – Purple+White)
11.00 – 12.00 Advanced (Brown belt & Over

Licences – All students need a valid karate licence obtained from our website

Twice a week  Please be aware that just like anything in life karate is a difficult skill and I recommend that from Orange belt students attend 2 times a week at the right times to give the best chance of success in future gradings and developments

Charity Great work so far in us supporting Kidderminster Youth Trust, so far we have raised £750.00 by attending our self defence course and family quiz night.  Keep up the good work by supporting other events we have coming and demonstrations.  All are advertised via our website, facebook and emails and will include another quiz night and first aid course.

Young Gloves Squad  We have an amazing karate team that enters many National Karate competitions.  This is open to absolutely anyone but there is never any pressure to do so.  Contact me if this is something you would like for more details.

T shirts etc As the summer comes, weather will get warmer and so T shirts and shorts will be allowed if the temperature needs hot.  However we are a karate club and so will still be wearing karate uniform otherwise.
Club T shirts, shorts, hoodies and a lot more can be purchased via our website, and together with looking smart at class, a donation is given to our charity for every sale so its a win win isn’t it J

Summer Holls  Karate and Boxercise will be running throughout the summer apart from one week that  I’ll be on holiday for.
It will however only be on Weds evenings, open to the whole of Young Gloves which works out great for anyone who wishes to keep up their skills over the holiday period.
We normally work on other skills such as fitness, self defence and fun activities.

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th dan
Tel 07786 696559