May Newsletter

May News

Classes returning to Franche School Karate & Boxercise
Exciting news and hopefully the start of Young Gloves starting to return back to normality.
From Weds 19th May Karate and Boxercise will return to Franche School, Chestnut Drive, Kidderminster.
Weds 6.00-6.45pm Beginners Karate
Weds 7.00-8.00pm Advanced Karate
8.00 – 9.00pm Boxercise
I’m really pleased to announce this as I know many students in the Franche area will want to return asap.
Booking will be the same, Franche school appearing on the booking system from Mon 10 May.
Hopefully with support we can start to return to other venues in the near future.

Welcome Back Adults
From Mon 17th May we can welcome back our adults to Young Gloves Karate and Boxercise.  This something which I’m really looking forward to as I’ve missed everyone so much and I know you’ll be eager to get back to training and seeing everyone.
If there’s any parents who wants to join in with their children, the family classes or dedicated adults class will welcome you to join in and its a great time to start right now.

As things stand right now, June 21 still remains the date where all restrictions are lifted and we can return to complete normal including pad work and partner work.   Can’t wait for that 🙂

Booking in System
Overall the booking in system is working fantastic allows everyone to train as much as they want in each week whilst adhering to social distancing requirements.
Just a note though, if a class can’t be attended for any reason, please let me know asap so that others have the opportunity to book the session.

Grading Dates
From Mon 21 June, Young Gloves will be offering students the opportunity to grade for their next belt.   This will be for up to Orange belt only as there are still restrictions on practicing all of the Young Gloves Syllabus.
A onetime opportunity will be offered to double grade if the student is ready, with a discounted price also given by the Association.
After restrictions are lifted and we can look at the whole syllabus, another grading will be scheduled for the whole club very soon afterwards.

Can all students make sure that they have a valid licence to train in a martial art.
This is a requirement by law for the welfare of everyone set out by the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association and can be applied for on our website.

Run for Joel
Many thanks for all the kind words of encouragement and donations to date with Samantha and myself running the length of Britain (Lands End to John O’Groats) in aid of “Smile for Joel”.
We are currently 405 miles into the challenge with 465 miles to go.
We are determined to finish the route as soon as possible and keen to raise as much money and awareness as possible for this amazing charity.
If anyone can spare a few pennies, please check out the “Just Giving Page” on our website.

Thanks again for all your support, please note that Young Glove is everyone’s club and its in everyone’s interest that we support and promote it to be able to really benefit,  both personally and as a community.
With this in mind please take every opportunity to spread the word about the club and the fine things we get involved in including leaflets, word and mouth and social media.
By us all doing what we can in terms of getting more members we can continue doing what we love, and also making a difference to our communities.

Young Gloves – Our Club – Our Success

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan