News Feb 2021

Feb 2021 Young Gloves News

Firstly a welfare check to all Young Gloves members, family and friends.   This is truly a really difficult time for many people.   Things that we have for so long just took for granted we can no longer do.  Please take heart that there are brighter days to come and we will be seeing each other soon.
May I say a big thanks to all the support for myself and the club and please take the time to check on family and friends yourselves.   Just a call to ask someone if they are ok might give them the opportunity to talk which is so important.
Remember we are all in this together and will get though it together X

Half Term Zoom Classes
As many of you are aware over lock-down I have been offering online zoom classes on Mon and Weds evenings.
This has been a real valuable tool for many (including myself) to get together and see friendly faces whilst still ticking along with different aspects of karate in the safety of your own home.
Please be aware that there is no classes over half term, but will return to normal from
Mon 22 Feb.  Its just £2 and really helps the club keep running until better times.
Details are on the website.

Quiz Night 
By popular demand our Young Gloves Monthly online quiz will return
Sat 20th Feb 7.00-8.00pm
Throughout lock-down these “Fun Family Quizzes” really have become a highlight of what is lets face it a pretty boring social life at the minute.
I look at them as a way to see my friends and family and a way of having a different activity to do on a Sat night.
It’s really easy to set up and everyone is more than welcome so please spread the word and ask your family and friends too.
Details are on our website, looking forward to seeing you all there 🙂

Running Lands End To John O’ Groats
Most of you will know what the club does for our communities in the way of raising money for local charities.  I’m very proud that we have raised over £60,000  over the years.
With this in mind sadly due to Covid its been a real hard slog for all charities including the one Young Gloves are currently supporting.
In 2020 we raised £3,000 for “Smile for Joel” which is an amazing effort considering the circumstances.
To really promote and hopefully continue to raise funds both my daughter Samantha and I are running the length of Britain virtually in aid of this charity.
We have 12 months to run about 900 miles which works out to be 3.5 miles a day on average.
Since 1st Jan we have clocked up 160 miles, registering each run online as proof of the mileage.
If anyone would like to sponsor us if would be really appreciated, any amount will really make a huge difference to the charity and to us both as encouragement to keep going.
Details are on our website 🙂

Back To Normal?
Unofficially there are whispers with The British Martial Arts & Boxing Association that we may be able to return back to classes in March.
There is nothing definite yet, but our  Association is really fantastic and as soon as I know something concrete you guys will be the 1st to know.

That’s it from me for the minute. It goes without saying that I always here for my students and friends.
If there is anything that I can do to help in these interesting times please feel free to contact me.
I’m more than happy to view individual videos of training to give feedback and ideas on, and just on the end of the phone if anyone needs to talk.
Remember YGK you are all part of the family and never alone.
We will all get through this together and enjoy lots more great times together X

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan