Newsletter Feb 2022

Half Term  Classes break up on Thurs 17th Feb returning Mon 28th Feb.   There is a year planner on our website for people planning events etc.

Grading Dates  1st grading of 2022 is the week beginning Mon 21 March to be held at your respective club venue and times.  Students must be aware of what is required to be successful at the testing, and all requirements are listed and freely available on our website so please take the time to revise and practice beforehand.  Any queries regarding this please feel free to contact me.

Karate Licence  Please make sure that you all have an in date karate licence booklet which is needed to be able to train, grade or take part in competitions.
Licences can be applied for on our website.

Attending classes  Could I please make a request that a quick call or message be sent out by parents/students if a class cannot be attended for any reason.   All karate classes are pre-planned ensuring that the whole syllabus has been taught ahead of grading etc.
There are times when a lesson plan takes into account a single person’s needs and  so when they just don’t turn up it wastes valuable time and opportunity for others.

Contact Forms   Can I please ask all parents/students to hand back contact consent forms that have been given out back to your instructor and ensure that we have correct contact details in order to communicate we you in regards of club news, changes, issues etc.

Charity 2022  This year Young Gloves are giving you the opportunity to vote for the charity you want to support.  There have been 2 nominations which are now on our website together with a voting page.   Home-Start Wyre Forest and Reach Out Wyre Forest.
The charity with the most votes by Easter will be the one we support.   Please feel free to find out about each charity and discuss them with your family before voting.
Young Gloves is your club, and I know you’ll want to get involved making a difference to yet another very local charity within our community.

Lastly   We are always seeking out new members so please feel free to join classes and keep recommending the club to friends and family especially be liking and sharing social media post which really does make a difference to us all.

As always please feel free to contact me

Sensei Justin Thomas 5th Dan