October News

I’m making everyone aware that although I do use other social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc. for guaranteed correct up to date news I rely on newsletters.
Obviously if you are reading this then you have subscribed, but can i ask you to spread the word so that everyone gets news from me and there is never any surprises or communication breakdowns.

Social Distance at classes
May I remind everyone that classes are limited in spaces so please book in advance and if for any reason you cannot make a booking, please let me know asap so that I can offer this space to someone else.
A complete breakdown of all the rules we as a club need to abide by is on our booking in form on the website.   Please take a minute to read through so that you fully understand what is expected.

Congratulations to all our new beginners within the club, especially the parents who have now decided to take part alongside their children.
Young Gloves is an amazing club and I’m always very proud to be part of it.
I know you will enjoy your training and will be made very welcome by everyone else.
If there are ever any questions, please feel free to ask myself or any other higher grade within the club, we will be only too pleased to help 🙂

Well done to all everyone who took a grading this month.  This will be last one until covid restrictions are eased as we need to demonstrate the complete syllabus which is not possible at the minute.  The good news is though, we will continue to train and develop and if gradings are missed there will be an opportunity for students who are ready and want to double grade.

Half Term Week
Just to let people know there will be no classes over half term.   Keep your eye on the booking in page for details.

Halloween Fun Charity Quiz Night Sat 24 Oct 7.00pm
As you all know we are raising money this year for Samantha’s friend Joel.
There’s no way we are going to meet the target we set out for but we are continuing 2021 to raise as much as possible.
With this in mind you are invited to take part in our Halloween quiz night on Sat 24th Oct. 7.00pm
This is an interactive fun family event, and I’m just asking for a donation if you want.
Details of how to donate and more about “Smile for Joel” are on our website.
I’m giving away a T shirt as a prize for the winner.
Tell all your friends and family, the more people the better.