Andrea Miller

“Young gloves karate club is amazing and is like one big family, with everyone supporting and encouraging each other. From the moment I took my eldest to his first class nearly 7 years ago we have never looked back, it’s the best decision I’ve made. His little brothers are now members too, and love it just as much as their big brother. Because of the supportive nature of the club, all 3 of my sons have grown so much in confidence and I really can’t recommend to club highly enough.”

Stella Stella Howles

“Fantastic club!! Excellent for confidence building, keeping fit, making friends and having fun. One big happy family!! Self defense comes in handy too!!”

Casey Howles

“I attended for many years and doing karate has shaped me into who I am. I wouldn t have any confidence without it and though I no longer attend, I would encourage anybody who is thinking of going to go for it. I received encouragement and support and have no bad words to say about it.”

Ian Curtis

“Young Gloves teaches traditional karate to a very high standard, but the contribution that the club makes to the community and charity sets it apart from any other other club. Young Gloves is always inclusive and enables children and adults of all abilities. We have three children, of differing physical and academic ability, who have been training for 4-7 years. Young Gloves has enabled them to become skilled martial artists and grow in confidence. Even when our eldest was involved in an unprovoked physical assault, it was discussed in class, and lessons taken away for the benefit of all. Justin will always go out of his way to support us and the children.”

Toby Howen

“Fantastic club would recommend it to anyone full of great people and the instructor is amazing he is always going the extra mile to help others”

Ian Shakespeare

“As a family we have been involved with YGK for many years when our son Joseph joined after being recommended by his head teacher at Franche School, Mrs Weddell Hall. Joseph had been bullied and lacked friends and confidence. Within a few short lessons Joseph was made to feel part of the YGK family. From Sensei Justin to the up and coming instructors all have helped in some way to help us all as a family[boxercise class is good for the older less fit parents]lol.. You only have to visit the charity events to see how people feel about the club. Long may it continue.”

Linda McKenzie

“As a sponsor and supporter of Young Gloves charitable and social events I hear first hand from parents and young people about what the Club means to them. The positive impact on self esteem and confidence, learning boundaries and responsibilities makes this an invaluable hobby. Google any of the principal instructors names and see what they ve achieved ‘ from sports personality of the year in our area to GB medal Winners at international Level. Google the club name and see what they ve raised for charity. A Club with integrity and a social conscience ‘ what s not to like !”

Kate Somers

“This is an amazing club! Sensei Justin is the kindest, and most thoughtful person Ive ever met! What ever your age or ability, there is a team of fantastic instructors waiting to welcome you into the young gloves family. After receiving spinal surgery, Justin helped my road to recovery and made sure I was training safely and within my limits. My strength and flexibility improved week by week and I have gone on to win silver and gold medals in local competitions. As a club we raise thousands for charity each year and this all stems from Justin and his team, who work tirelessly to make a difference to other people s lives. He is dedicated to each member of the club and makes sure that as an individual you are achieving your best. My son looks up to him also, and I couldn’t have wished for a better role model. Becoming part of young gloves family is one of the best things weve ever done. I can t imagine my life without all the wonderful friends I now have”

Dawn Baker Reid

“Myself and my family attend boxercise class which we enjoy very much, the people are great the sense of humour is brilliant, Justin goes beyond far to do what he does for the club and all money raised keep it up everyone, Dawn kev Nat xx”

Clare Byworth

I can’t recommend Young Gloves enough’. It is a great environment, safe and fun with lots of really nice friendly people. Justin is a brilliant teacher who is so encouraging with the little ones and great support for everyone. Since going to these karate lessons my children have grown in confidence and strength and I am happy in the knowledge that they can protect themselves if ever the need arises. My children have also made many new friends at YGK. The first few lessons are free so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain”.

Hannah Reene

“I am so impressed with this club. The instructors are amazing and my son looks forward to going every week.”

Natalie Reid

“Boxersize is a good way of keeping fit and people are very friendly and welcoming you have a laugh as well”

George Joseph Tildesley

“A man who goes above and beyond to help local children to gain confidence is amazing, with his next venture being raising money for mental health and teaching children with terminal illness at Birmingham children s hospital.”

Lisa Anne Homer

“Both my children attend this club. over the last 7 years I have found the quality of instructors and the support they and all the other student’s receive outstanding. no-one is made to feel any less important regardless of ability or back ground. Justin cares about individuals personally, their safety and well being is always at the forefront of everything he dose. your children will succeed both in and out of their karate with the encouragement they will receive.”

Claire Allen-Brunn

“My son Jake has been training with Young Gloves Karate for six years. He knew no one when he started but was made to feel so welcome and settled in straight away. We do a 40 mile round trip up to three times a week to attend this fantastic club. Whether your looking to defend yourself, friendship or the chance to compete in National and International competitions, then this club has it all!!!!”

Jo Skidmore

“Young gloves karate school is an amazing group of people. They have a great ethos and are very family orientated. My daughter has ADHD and the patients and commitment shown to her over the six years she has been there is fantastic. She has progressed so much, in and out of the club, with her confidence and self esteem. They are genuine people who have shown my whole family kindness and support in challenging circumstances. They raise astonishing amounts of money every year towards local charities (voted for by club members) which often range into the thousands. I am genuinely grateful and proud to be associated with this club, the leaders and the members.”

Glen Lawrence

“Young gloves is amazing it has everything a martial art could wish for top instructors who care for every need of the students. They raise money for charity and everyone is family and looked after. It s even good to see the variety of different lessons provided always catering for each individual to improve not just in martial arts but in life as well. Mr Justin Thomas is brill and should have some sort of award for humanity he helps everyone outside class and in and having great first aid skills will help anyone. The whole club is friendly and anyone wants to join here can only benifit to achieve goals after goals.”

Liza Sharpley

“Lovely club. Justin and his family are great people my daughter summer has been going for years and is now a little ninja”

Penny Heather Connolly

“Fantastic daughter has grown in confidence since joining young gloves. Can recommend theses supportive and treat everyone as family”

Maxine Loach

“Taking my daughter to young gloves was the best decision I’ve ever made! She was so shy before she started training with young gloves and now she is a changed child. She’s achieved so much in such a short time and it’s all because of the support she has received from Justin, Sam, the other teachers and students. She has gained confidence in and out of the dojo.”

Ste Harris

“I think it s a amazing club! Any club that can raise over 60K for charity for local children is great in my eyes!”

Jenni Goodwin

“I’d give a thousand stars if I could! I joined the club 10 years ago and it was the best decision of my life. Justin has not just been an instructor but a friend too. He’s patient, understanding, caring, positive, respectful and inspirational. All the people in the club are lovely and you feel a sense of belonging there, cared about, worthy, and just a lot better. Couldn’t recommend this club enough if you want to not only learn karate, get fit, more confident or more friends, when you join you join a big happy family too.”

Pete Aston

“Don’t know where to start fab instructors. Friendly students and parents. Caring club. My daughter has been attending for the past ten years. Never wants to miss a lesson and I believe the discipline, respect and good manners she shows today in all she does is partly down to Justin Thomas and the Young Gloves family.”

Kirsty Marsden

“What a fantastic club! My only regret is I didn’t join the Young Gloves family (because that’s what they are!) sooner. Everyone, regardless of age or ability or reasons for learning karate are made to feel welcome, lead by an inspirational instructor who inspires everyone to be the best that they can be ‘ not just in karate but in life in general.”

Sheena Woodward

“Well what can i say about Young Gloves Karate, since the age of 7 my son has progressed through his belt with the up most support and dedication of his sense Justin Thomas. He has had to take a break because he needs to commit to his GCSE studies but will return to continue his training and achieve his black belt. I also have a daughter who is profoundly deaf and after years of watching her big brother she wanted to have go.”

Willow Pixie

“It’s amazing group with amazing ppl warm and friendly environment and very patient with people with disabilities I highly recommend this group to anyone no matter it age or abilities.”

Kayleigh Avery

“Absolutely amazing club, I’ve gotten a lot of confidence from it and everybody there both instructors and students are just wonderful. The quality of teaching is excellent and I have definitely made some friends for life. Its definitely like a second family, I love it!”

Terri Princess Railton

“Young gloves karate is amazing my son goes to Tuesday and Friday classes he loves it sensi justin run my Son classes and is amazing with him couldn t ask for a nicer happier club for my son to go to highly recommend.”

Claire Blackwell

“Fantastic thank you. Always professional and outstanding tuition xx”

Sian Robinson

“Justin’s commitment to the children has had such a positive affect on my sons behaviour & attitude. I would highly recommend this club to anyone.”

Nicola Millward

“Justin has been extremely supportive in helping my son to settle in to his class. He is becoming more confident and is enjoying learning the history behind karate and learning the techniques. We are 4 lessons in but feel this is the class for us.”

Sarah Day

“An excellent club, championing the values of commitment and discipline but in a really supportive environment. Whilst the children who are keen to compete and aim for trophies and medals are given the guidance and support to enable them to do so, those who prefer to develop their skills within the Young Gloves environment are given equal attention, guidance and recognition for their efforts. Justin and all the instructors lead by example, with an ethos of discipline, inclusiveness, hard work but of most importance to us- kindness.”

Elizabeth Perry

“I have 2 boys aged 13 and 8 and they have both been members of Young Gloves Karate Club for 8 and 2 years respectively. Young Gloves is more than just a karate club. It becomes your extended family and a way of life. The Sensei s are all very passionate and knowledgeable in the spirt but they are also supportive, compassionate and friendly. The students are always friendly too and will welcome any new members with open arms from the moment they walk through the door. As a club we not only learn the physical aspects of karate but also recognise and develop values of positive attitudes, discipline and respect for others. The club recognises individual needs of the students and will do their utmost to accommodate these needs. It is an all round friendly club who will embrace new members openly.”

James Stanley

“Excellent club!! My nephew has had brilliant support from Justin and all the staff. He always leaves the class with a big smile and can t wait to go back and learn more!!! Highly recommend”

Sarah Hammond

“These are the words used by my children when describing Young Gloves: It’s very good, it’s fun, we like the games and everyone’s nice. Sometimes it’s hard remembering Katas and Japanese but it’s ace when we can do it. We love karate. As a parent, it’s clear to see over the last few years how the boys have improved in their ability and self-confidence.”

Sue Evans

“YGK were brilliant for my son. They helped him develop his resilience and self esteem. They are a very welcoming group”

Lisa Micklewright

“I couldn’t rate young gloves karate any higher it s a real family club I ve known them for many years and all my children have trained with them at some point I also loved boxercise classes , I always point people in the direction of this club.”

Michelle Stanley

“Both my boys attend Young Gloves Karate, my eldest for 8 years, the youngest for 3 years. They have both made new friends within the club, and has given my youngest son so much more confidence. It is an excellent club with knowledgeable and supportive friendly instructors, offers great value for money with no monthly commitment. The option to attend lots of different classes, attend competitions and gives them a sense of pride when they realise the amount of help they can give to a charity from the various charitable events and work the club does.”

Sarah Jessop

“At Young Gloves each child is encouraged and supported to achieve their personal best. Instructors make the lessons disciplined but fun and are always happy to go through things again if extra help is needed. My daughter loves classes and her general confidence has really improved. Fantastic on all levels.”

Scott Whatmore

“Young gloves are excellent, Justin & the team have a great way with the kids, would highly recommend.”

Kimberley Morgan

“My daughter, 5, joined Young Gloves 6 months ago. I have seen her gain in confidence over this time. The members are very supportive of each other and are encouraged in this, when asked what she likes about Young Gloves my daughter’s first response is ‘my friends.’ Very often members will see her out and about and say hello. At my daughter’s first grading I was a little apprehensive due to her age but I was very impressed with how well she was looked after and reassured by Justin and the team.”

Kayleigh Byworth

“Young gloves is such an amazing club, it s given me much more confidence I thought I d ever have. It s not just an extra curricular activity it s somewhere I really look forward to going to every week. Everyone is so nice and helpful it has such a great environment. I couldn’t t say enough good things about it!”

Georgia Pleciak

“This karate club is just fantastic!!!! the dedication that sensei Justin and his team put into the students is from the heart. my son Joel attended classes from age 3 and unfortunately had to stop due to sixth form work in the hope of getting into uni. hopefully he will return but sensei Justin and his team worked so hard with Joel that he was even picked for the England team!!!!”

Aaron Stanyard

“Such a great club, ran by such a great inspirational instructor. I take my two little brothers, who thoroughly enjoy it each time learning new skills, and come away excited for the next session! Would definitely recommend!”

Rachel Schieber

“Excellent karate school, brilliant teachers and welcoming community.”

Reg Giles

“Fantastic Club, only just started to bring my son after he expressed an interest. So glad I have, he came away buzzing and can’t wait till next week.”

Becky Anne

“Fantastic club offers more than just the karate. have been taking my kids for years and will continue to do so and for my youngest daughter when she is old enough”

Jodye Louise Till

“I have two boys 12 and 8 that do karate, they been member for 4yrs and will continue to be. all the Sensei in all the classes are brilliant teachers. they get to know your children and meet their needs if they are struggling. I’m looking forward to start my lil one soon. highly recommend”

Jo Tyler

“YGK is brilliant my 2 children have been going for a few years now they both have grown in Confidence they love going and Justin has so much time for them and willing to go that extra mile so they don’t miss out”

Elaine Darby

“Young Gloves Karate is a fantastic and friendly club to be part of, our son has been part of the club for 3 years and has grown in confidence. He enjoys attending different lessons throughout the week with different Sensei’s who are all extremely supportive to all its members and a great team to be around. Also offering great experiences whilst taking part in competitions, Young Gloves do an incredible amount for charity. Our son loves karate which is a massive part of his life and has made lots of great friends. We can’t recommend Young Gloves enough.”

Niamh Griffiths

“Lovely family orientated club, where you are made to feel welcomed both adults and children. Great with children.”