There is as always a lot going on so I thought a quick newsletter may be a good idea to make sure everyone is aware of all the events coming up in the next few weeks.
Firstly though……
Welcome to all the new beginners that have joined Young Gloves Karate lately.  You are now part of a great club that not only works to improve confidence, fitness and self awareness, but also make huge differences to our community.

Events in date order…………

Sat  March 9 for all students whether grading or not (Please attend)
Birchen Coppice school, Woodbury Road, DY11 7JJ Kidderminster
9.00am – 10.00am Beginners (White Belt – Orange)
10.00am – 11.00am  Intermediate (Green – Purple)
11.00 – 12.00 Advanced Brown and Above.   All black belts and students wishing to take Dan grades soon will attend or risk not being entered to grade.

Grading  Mon 11 March,  Weds 13 March,  Thurs 14 March,  Sat 16 March
These take place at your normal venue and may last longer than normal due to giving everyone a fair opportunity to perform to their full potential.
Please arrive on time, with your karate licence and sparring kit.
Parents are not allowed to attend.
If you are not grading please still attend as it will be a normal training session for you, and it supports the club and fellow students who are grading.

Young Gloves Family Quiz night

March 16 to celebrate the end of the gradings, and of course to raise funds for our selected charity (Kidderminster District Youth Trust) we are holding a family quiz night.
This is held at the Youth Trust’s venue on Bromsgrove St. Kidderminster starting at 7.00pm
This is always a very popular event and tickets are £5 all going to support a very good charity that helps so many young people in our area.
Get you tickets at karate classes, or contact me to reserve them before they are sold out.

Easter Holls  We break up from 21 March and return 8 April

Whatsapp  If you haven’t done so yet, please complete the Young Gloves Membership form and give details to join the club Whatsapp group which has been a huge success in being able to let members know exactly what’s happening

Please make sure you are licenced which can easily be done by visiting our websit