Upcoming Events 2024

Karate Summer Camp Kidderminster

Year Planner gradings, courses, charity events & competition dates.
2024 will see many events to get involved in including; competitions, self defence events, first aid training, quiz nights, and parties to name just a few ideas. Be sure to keep up do date with the latest news to ensure you don’t miss out on all the fun.

Family Charity Quiz Night

16th March 2024 in aid of Kidderminster District Youth Trust.
The 1st event of 2024 Charity Family Fun Quiz night.
Raised £1000 for Kidderminster District Youth Trust!
An amazing event with over 150 people taking part including Young Gloves members, family and friends coming together for a very well organised quiz, bingo, and “Play Your Cards Right”
Well done all who supported, they’ll definitely be another Quiz very soon

Young Gloves Karate first aid - Karate School Kidderminster

First Aid Awareness

Date to be announced Life saving skills run by professional trainer Samantha Thomas delivering a course that quite literally could help save someone’s life.
A must for all members, families and friends, covering all basics such as CPR, Recovery Position, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Defibrillators, Bleeds and more.

Young Gloves Karate self defence - Children's Karate Kidderminster

Street Defence and Awareness

Date to be announced In a world of ever increasing violence it so important to have the knowledge and skills to be able to look after yourself should the unexpected happen.
This course will help give you the confidence to avoid situations, calm conflicts, and deal with a potential attack.
All members welcome including family and friends.

Young Gloves Karate Stourport carnival - Kidderminster Karate Classes for Kids

Summer Stourport Carnival

Sat 7th Sept Stourport Carnival.
This always proves to be a very popular day for Young Gloves with everyone getting together parading through Stourport together on our own “Float” kindly donated by AVS.
This will be the 25th year of the carnival so plenty of silverware on display and members are encouraged to wear club T shirts, black karate tops, hoodies etc.

Young Gloves Karate Party - Karate Training Kidderminster

Young Gloves 25th Anniversary Party!!!!!!

Sat 28th Sept
“Dress to impress” – Get your best outfit ready for the event of the year as the club celebrates this truly incredible birthday.   Since 1999 Young Gloves have been teaching martial arts and making a huge difference to young people in the area.
Now its a time to celebrate with all members past and present and look forward to even more successes for the future.

Young Gloves Karate Christmas - Kidderminster Junior Karate

Young Gloves Annual Charity Inter-Club Competition

Sat 24th Nov
The 25th annual inter-club karate competition to be held at Kidderminster District Youth Trust.
This amazing event gives the whole club a chance to get together and compete in a “Fun & Friendly” way. All members are encouraged to support the event and raise funds by way of sponsorship.
Medals are given out on the day to all taking part as well as trophies for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and forth place.
There will be raffles and other fund raising activities as well as refreshments.
This has proven to be a very popular event which not only raises funds and awareness for a good charity, but also helps to develop students martial arts skills and confidence.

Young Gloves Karate gradings - Karate Dojo Kidderminster

Young Gloves Pre-Grade Courses 

All grades Birchen Coppice School Kidderminster March , July , Nov
9.00am – 10.00am Beginners (White Belt-Orange)
10am – 11.00am Intermediate (Green-Purple)
11.00am – 12.00pm Advanced Brown – Above

Back by popular demand is our Pre-Grade Course. Slightly different to how we used to run them, and more directed to specifically to each student, going through all that is needed for the grading the following week. I’m trialling this idea to see if it’s a success with the course just £5
Please bring your licences on the day to have them signed that you have attended a karate course.

Young Gloves Gradings

Weeks beginning March , July , Nov
For all students that are ready have acquired all the knowledge and skills needed to level up to the next karate rank.
Please make sure you are aware of the requirements by studying the syllabus found on our website.