Upcoming Events

Upcoming Dates and Events

Half Term Week
Classes break up for a week over half term with the last lesson on Sat 23 Oct., returning Nov 1st.

Karate Grading Week Beginning 1st Nov – 6th Nov 2021
Please note that straight after half term there is a chance for students to grade for their next belt.
These gratings take place at your respective karate venues and times.
Remember yellow belt and above will be in Japanese, all details of what is expected on the grading is on our website under “Syllabus”.
If you are not sure about grading consult with an instructor.

Karate Licence
Please be aware that a valid karate licence needs to be held by each student in order to train regularly and grade.
Licences are obtained from our website and renewed each year.

Interclub Charity Karate Competition 28th Nov 2021
Kidderminster & District Youth Trust, Bromsgrove St. Kidderminster DY10 1PF (Donating the venue free of charge – Big shout out to them!).
Every Young Gloves member is invited and encouraged to take part in this fun, friendly event, gaining valuable experience in karate as well as raising awareness and funds for Smile for Joel.
Please support this by attending and encouraging family and friends to get involved in what will be a great day.
All grades and ages welcome and medals for every single competitor who takes part on the day as I believe by taking part you are all winners !
We will also need Raffle/Tombola prizes as well as arts and crafts items such as colouring pens etc for a children’s craft activity corner hosted by an YGK member.
I will be giving out entry forms and sponsor forms straight after half term so that we can start to get everything in place as well as bringing in the trophies and medals for everyone to see.
I know that all regular YGK members will join us, and if you are new then just ask them what this event is and how good it is.   Make sure you take this opportunity to do something good for a worthwhile charity, gain experience in karate and whilst also gaining in confidence.

Many thanks as always for your continued support.   With your help Young Gloves will get back on its feet to be even more successful than ever.