Wado Ryu Syllabus

Kidderminster Karate Club

All qualifications and grading within Young Gloves Karate are endorsed and recognised by The British Karate and Boxing Association. Students should be aware of all elements before entering a grading.

From 8th Kyu (Yellow) students are expected to know the techniques in Japanese.

All techniques are covered previous to grading’s and students are expected to practice in their own time as well as attending regular appropriate classes and courses to maximise success.

Young Gloves Karate  - Kidderminster Karate for Beginners

Please be aware of your requirements, know your location and times and bring your necessary equipment. From 6th Kyu (Green) all students are expected to have their own Young Gloves Karate sparring kit to demonstrate correct form and techniques within the syllabus.

Parents are not permitted to watch.
A valid karate licence must be handed in prior to the grading procedure.

At least one competition must be entered to apply for the rank of 1st dan or above.

Under 18’s will receive a junior black belt qualification to be upgraded once they become 18 as long as they are training regularly and maintain the standard set out by Young Gloves Karate.

Junior students returning to train after a 12 month period will be asked to retake their Dan grade at a adult level, wearing a 1st Kyu belt until that time.

Grading Requirements

Click on the belt to see the grading requirements for each karate rank. Membership is required to view these pages.

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