Welcome Back April 19th

April News
Welcome Back

To confirm, from Mon April 19th Karate for under 18’s will commence. Adults from Mon 17th May. To comply with Covid regulations a simple
pre-booking system is being utilised via our club website to ensure numbers are limited for social distance.
Please note that from May 17th all Young Gloves classes will welcome children and adults.
A total Adult class for all abilities will also be available Mon 8.00-9.00pm

Boxercise Class
commences on Weds May 19th If you have never tried this class, it is truly amazing and I really look forward to it each week. An exercise class for all. Work to your own level with others enjoying great uplifting music whilst having a good laugh with like-minded people.

Future planning
I’m very keen to offer a grading asap, and stress that as a quality club will not endorse false qualifications or promises. Single and double grading’s can conducted up to Orange belt in July (Date TBA).
My plan is for a grading for everyone to be offer shortly once restrictions are lifted and we have had the time to practice and demonstrate all techniques on our syllabus endorsed by The British Martial Arts Association.
June 21st restrictions are planned to be lifted (Subject to change) As always when you grade with Young Gloves you can be assured that you fully deserve your rank and that it is an official qualification.

Other events being planned include;
* Women’s Self Defence Course
* Children’s self defence course
* Street Defence session
* 1st Aid Course
* National & Local competitions
* Various Charity events (Details coming soon)

Promoting Our Club
Young Gloves is very much the members club and as so it’s in everyone’s interest to offer promotion and support. This includes;
* Car Window Slickers to be used to display our club inside of cars.
* Leaflets to be pinned up in prominent locations on work notice boards etc.
* Social Media – sharing and liking Young Gloves adverts and posts
* Word & Mouth – tell all friends and family what we do & encourage them to also join.
If you have any other ideas, please feel free, I always appreciate the help of other creative innovative people who wish to get involved.

Welcome Back To Karate Quiz
Many people have enjoyed our online quiz over the last 12 months. I plan the last quiz to be hosted on Sat April 24th 7.00pm.
It would be great to see a huge turnout for the last quiz, celebrating what has been a great success and comfort over the pandemic and also the fact that things are now returning to normality with social restrictions lifting.
Joining the quiz couldn’t be easier and details are on the website.
Who will be crowned the ultimate Young Gloves Quiz Champions?

I just wanted to say a big thanks for all the support from our amazing students and parents who have been so patience over such a difficult period for everyone.
I couldn’t be more eager to see everyone again and start to rebuild our club to where we all know it belongs.
I know you will join me in this challenge and with your help I believe we can make Young Gloves even stronger than before.  The future is bright for us all.
Young Gloves “Our Club – Our Success!”

Justin Thomas 5th Dan
Tel 07786 696559