Young Gloves News Oct 2023

Young Gloves News Oct 2023

Stourport Carnival.  What a great day this was!  Can I say a big thanks to all who supported on the day including Organisers, Auto Vehicle Specialists (AVS) for supplying the float, parents and children who made such a great effort dressing up to make this a real memorable day.
We are already planning next year’s event lol

Karate Grading Young Gloves last grading of 2023 will start on Mon 13 Nov with all students having the opportunity to advance to their next belt should they be ready.
Students attend gradings at their own venue unless agreed previously.
Please consult with your instructor to make sure of your times, venue and requirements.
Successful students will receive their belts and certificates the following week.

Charity Karate Competition  26 Nov 2023 will see the whole of Young Gloves Karate come together (all grades) in our annual karate charity event.  23 years of raising funds for local children raising £80,000 for a variety of chosen local children’s charities.
In aid of Kidderminster District Youth Trust (KDYT) who do fantastic work for in our area.
This event is not only a way of fund raising, it is also a great way to gain experience in competitions in a fun, safe way, and everyone receives a quality medal. Students are separated accordingly to grade, age and Kumite (Sparring), Kata and Team Kata being competed in.
We are also asking for donations for the raffle and Tombolla, so please start to bring items into class.

Karate Licence Please make sure you have a current karate licence which can be obtained via our website. No student may grade without a licence.

Items for Christmas …..I know, I know it’s too early lol!   But seriously any items available to purchase from our website including many T shirt designs (updated regularly), Hoodies, Coats, Hats, Shorts and many, many more will be in high demand and short supply.
Our club supplier and supporter has informed me that she will not do making any items close to Christmas as she has a young family herself and wishes to spend as much time with them as possible (Totally understandable).    So please get in ASAP and order any items you want (details on website) to avoid the disappointment of missing Christmas.

Jewellery and nails  Please note that there can be no items of Jewellery worn whilst practicing a martial art with the only exception being wedding rings.  Please note that nails can scratch others and so need to be kept at a reasonable length.

Twice a week.   Please be aware that just like anything to reach your full potential work and commitment is needed.  With this in mind to develop training twice a week is recommended for all students’ Green belt and above.

Sparring Equipment Only YGK registered karate kit can be used in class, ordered by contacting me directly or at class and includes, Gloves, Head guard and Feet protection. Orange belt and above.
There can be no contact to the head, or use of feet without the appropriate protection.