Young Gloves Online Classes

Hi everyone, hope you are all well and keeping safe?
A lot has happened since I saw you last, and I must admit I’m missing family, friends and definitely my extended family Young Gloves.
All classes have been effected due to the current lock down issue but I’m still keen that the club meets the challenge and carries on long into the future with your support.
With this in from next week I’ll be offering “Online” classes and social events.
There has already been a lot of interest in this and I’m sure you will agree this can only be a positive thing and will hopefully go a long way to help support the club in a very difficult time.

Online Zoom lessons are being experimented with this weekend and if all successful lessons will commence the following week for Young Gloves members only.
Joining instructions will be put on our website beforehand as well as being sent via text and email.
The first week there will be no charge at all after that £2.00 paid online via bank transfer which will help the club to continue running.

Weds    6.00-6.30pm Beginners
6.30-7.00pm  Intermediate
7.00-7.30pm Advanced / Adults
Higher grades are welcome to train at lower level classes as well as their own.
If successful more classes will be offered
Bo Staff lessons to follow.

Young Gloves Fun Online Quiz (free)
I’ve also been working on hosting our own online quiz for all of our family, friends and neighbours to take part in.
I’m working on this currently and if successful, a fun, family quiz will be hosted each week on Sundays evenings starting Sun 10 May 7.00-8.00pm.
Although this isn’t karate as such, I think it will be a great way to just get people together and have a laugh.
Instructions to join the quiz will be sent out prior to the event

Can I just take the time to thank everyone for their continued support.
Although times may seem tough for many at the moment, we will get through this together.
Young Gloves is a very strong club filled with amazing people who come together with  one common goal.
I’m always very grateful for everyone’s support and never stop appreciating just how lucky I am to be part of this amazing club that has made such great things happen over the last 20 years.
With your help and support we will be making great things happen well into the future together.

Thanks everyone, keep safe and thanks again 🙂