Young Gloves Toliet Roll Challenge

Lock Down Fun!

To try and lighten the mood a little I plan to put together a Young Gloves Toliet Roll Challenge Video.
If you don’t know what this is then have a look on the internet there are plenty of great example of people doing this.
I’ll be filming Samantha and myself this weekend.
Let’s see as many Young Gloves Members and family joining in and having a little fun.
Try and keep it Karate/Boxing related, film yourself or get someone else to and send me your clips via if possible to keep the quality.
I’ll put our clip up on Facebook as soon as I’ve completed it.
Once I get other peoples I can edit them all together in a fun video package for everyone to enjoy.
Hope to have you on board, and thanks for your continued support.
Keep safe, keep active and above all keep positive.
Sensei Justin Thomas