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Welcome to all our newbie’s in the club, I hope you are enjoying being part of the YGK family

What’s Happening??
Pre-Grade Course – All grades Birchen Coppice School Kidderminster Nov 5th
9.00am – 10.00am Beginners (White Belt-Orange)
10am – 11.00am Intermediate (Green-Purple)
11.00am – 12.00pm Advanced Brown – Above

Back by popular demand is our Pre-Grade Course.  Slightly different to how we used to run them, and more directed to specifically to each student,  going through all that is needed for the grading the following week.   I’m trialling this idea to see if it’s a success with the course just £5
Please bring your licences on the day to have them signed that you have attended a karate course.

Karate Grading Week beginning 7th Nov.   This is for members that are completely ready for their grading.  If in doubt whether to grade please ask.
A valid karate licence is needed to be eligible to grade and can be applied for on our website.
From Orange belt a full YGK sparring kit should be brought to the grading.
Successful members will receive belts and certificates the following week.

Annual Charity Competition Nov 27th   Young Gloves karate really is a community charity minded club and as such we raise huge amounts each year for local children and families.
This year the club had a vote from many suggested good causes and “Reach Out” came out the most popular.   Reach Out is based in Wolverley , so very close to us and helps families in the Wyre Forest area who are sadly suffering with mental health issues.
I know that you will want to support this amazing charity and raise as much as possible.
The Totally “Inter-Club” event is always extremely popular and gives students experience of competing in a very friendly atmosphere.
There are medals for everyone taking part as well as other planned events such as Raffles, Tombola’s, Arts Activity Centre, and Refreshments etc.
Put the date in your diary as you will not want to miss out!  Entry forms will be given out very soon.

Self Defence Seminar  Date TBA I’m always very conscious that many people look at the club for self-defence and so I will be putting on a dedicated session very soon covering very simple techniques that many help you in a violent encounter.
This session will be run by myself and a guest welcoming everyone whether a Young Gloves member or not as I’m keen to help as many people as possible.  Over 10s – All Adults

Christmas   I know too early to discuss lol but seriously if anyone wants items as Christmas presents then get in quickly as stocks go very quickly these days and it may take some time to process your orders.


Sensei Justin Thomas 5th dan
Tel 07786 696559

Kidderminser Major Acheivers Award 2021
Wyre Forest Sports Club Of The Year 2019
Hero of Worcestershire 2018
Kidderminster Shuttle Sports Person 2015
Worcester Local Hero 2015